PCB Design for everyone with EasyEDA a free and online tool by Amit Rana

PCB Design for everyone with EasyEDA a free and online tool

Learn PCB Design without any costly software, with easyeda: a free online and powerful tool for professional PCB Design

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Technology is shaping the world and bringing massive changes to our lives, and I firmly believe that Learning technology can make wonders in our life with lots of confidence and wider spectrum career opportunities. 

Get  30%  free preview inside our course to see how each lecture is broken down, how we teach, and whether or not you think we’re a good fit for you and your company.

This is the reason I've created these series of courses and this one deals with PCB Design using an online tool called easyEDA and as the name suggests learning easyEDA for PCB design is super simple.

PCB Design for Everyone

Are you an electronics hobbyists or professional or student who wants to learn Professional Level PCB Design? Are you looking for a free but powerful PCB Design tool? Are you confused on which PCB tool to use for your next project? This course is perfectly suitable for you

Why easyEDA

easyEDA is a 100% free Cloud based CAD tool for designing professional level PCBS with built in PCB ordering system. The learning curve of easyEDA is shortest if you compare it with any other tool and it has a wide variety of readily available pcb footprints for almost every single component as well as customized modules. Since there are thousands of easyEDA users already, they're all creating their own components and sharing and adding to the library of easyEDA almost daily. So if you're a student, or startup or even a manufacturing company, easyEDA is perfectly suitable to you

Whats in the course

This course directly takes you to PCB design with little introduction, So even if you haven't designed PCBs before, its pefectly fine, the introductory sessions will cover all the basics for you and the assignments given will make you a pcb expert in minimum possible time. Whats more? You can also directly order PCB's from within the easyEDA interface

What students are saying about this course!!

Abraham Ninian Ejin

"Useful for absolute beginners who wants to get started with PCB design! It would be great if there was a summary of the general practices/good practices of designing a PCB. Maybe, standards in naming components or how to optimize the arrangements/positioning of the components together. Nevertheless, I believe that this was a good purchase on my part and I hope the instructor will keep up with the good work."

CJ Bhaskar Babu

"I was just thinking how do i do a design, should i manually wire...and this trainings, had really nailed me.

Wes Hays

The course was easy to follow along for a beginner, and the instructor gave a few things to consider when building a PCB.

Stephen Doroff

"The course is excellent!

When I asked a question of the instructor regarding how to do something he created a whole new video showing EXACTLY what I was looking to do. He could've just answered the question in the Q&A area, but the instructor chose to make a whole new video making this very easy for me.

As a complete "newbie" to PCB design, I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to do this for the first time. THANK YOU!!!!"

Divya K S

"I cannot thank you enough. It was such a well made lecture series for a beginner".

Cem Yildizak

"I can advise for the beginners to understand the fundamentals of PCB design and a bridge to jump to start DIY projects..."

What's included?

Video Icon 17 videos Text Icon 1 text file


Introduction to PCB Design
17 mins
Single Sided PCB Design
Creating Schematic with easyEDA
21 mins
Layout and Artwork
17 mins
Transistorized PCB Project
16 mins
555 based PCB Project
20 mins
PCB Design tools
Adding Ground Plane
7 mins
Placing Jumper
3 mins
Export PCB for hand making
3 mins
Double Sided PCB Design
Introduction to Double Sided PCB Design
2 mins
First Double Sided PCB Project
12 mins
Understanding SMT Components
10 mins
Double Sided PCB with SMT components
17 mins
Exporting Gerber File
5 mins
Creating Custom Part in easyEDA
Creating Custom Part in easyEDA
17 mins
Changes in EasyEDA
5 mins
Concluding Remarks
2 mins
Additions on Student Request
Add copper fill / copper section to PCB
2 mins
How to get your certificate