Internet of Things : 5 Step Email Course by Amit Rana

Internet of Things : 5 Step Email Course

Simple and Easy to follow email course. Chunk size tutorials delivered right to your inbox about Internet of things

This is email course, so ensure you check "receive tutorials and sign up" while signing up for this course, otherwise you won't receive emails

What's included?

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How email Course Works? You have to do nothing, you'll receive emails regularly everyday at the same time for 5 days. Make sure you go to accounts, and check the button which reads "Want to read more of our tutorials and posts? Sign up"
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What is an email Course?

Email Course is a smarter way to learn something new, right inside the inbox without going to any website or app Just sign up to this course and you'll receive a new email everyday for 5 days that will teach you all the fundamentals of IoT including a complete project

Whats Included?
  • Day 1 : Demystifying What is IoT
  • Day 2 : Different Hardware and Sensors Involved in IoT
  • Day 3 : What are the Cloud technologies Involved
  • Day 4 : Learning Your programming language : Python
  • Day 5 : Creating your first IoT Project
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